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26, Oxen, Россия
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Sexuell preferensHetero
Längd5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Vikt100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
SpråkRyska, Engelska
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With a great sense of humor, cheerful, nice, kind .. sexy girl
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Måndag 19.00 – 03.00
Tisdag 19.00 – 03.00
Onsdag 19.00 – 03.00
Torsdag 19.00 – 03.00
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Lördag 19.00 – 03.00
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Welcome to my room. And ... you are waiting for unforgettable emotions. A sea of positive and passion, smiles and relaxation. Beautiful striptease and cute talk about anything) We can dream together or pleasantly relax ^ _ ^


Very very beautiful ! Just wow! Thank you

thanks for the help

Thanks for the 3 PLACE

Thanks for the 3 PLACE

I want to thank all the guys who believed in me and supported me to participate in the top 100) I'm so excited! Thank you very much for your help - 3 place was mine) Separately, I want tothank Semper-Fi and JeffsTongue

Thanks for the 2 PLACE

Uraaa!! Yeah we dit it! I want to say THANK U VERY MUCH, guys! Im very very glad that we did it. Thanks to everyone who has been with me since the beginning of the week,encouraged me and all those who joined later! Thank u for this TOP 2 . KISSES

Thanks for the 3 PLACE

Oh, Oh, how unexpected !! I'm so happy!!!

Oh my God! Thank you ! I did not think that to get the third place in this top. Only dreamed. And .. and .. Uraaa. I'm grateful for that! Very very happy !!! Thank you!!! ツThank you all !!!! Thanks who participated in this. It's important for me

Ferastharaa ♕♕♕ THANKS !!! ♡♡♡♡

Thanks for the 2 PLACE

Guys, thank you very much for a lot for your support, company, I really needed it. I'm very pleased that I finished this week again in the top2. I'm very pleased that you took part in this together with me. Many thanks to all who were together side by side hour by hour. Kisses Ferastharaa  you are my king

Thanks for the 2 PLACE

I want to thank you for everything you've done. For every advice, parting words and support. For understanding and faith. Thank you, that at the right time you were with me. Your help is priceless and very important to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the top 2)


Жеееееенька,пасибули. Оч оч приятно!!!

Женька не перестает задаривать меня подарочками! Спасибо тебе огромное !!!

Спасибо за чудесный парфюм 

Жеееееенька,пасибули. Оч оч приятно!!!

Thank u )

пасибушки =*

Great thanks

Thank you for attention

Topp 100 för vecka

Andra plats

Andra plats

Tredje plats

Andra plats

Tredje plats

Tredje plats

Tredje plats

Andra plats


Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

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Kommentarer (746)
i would vow today to not write here but i can not stand to remember i am today's sexy dance so fucked in my brain that i never forget me. Rose is a magical lady and not a bush, .... thank you for tonight my dear queen ......... kiiiiiiiis youuu ( no no no no no, IM...) :):):))::):):):):)
wonderful night, wonderful lady, wonderful rose, wonderful every night that I spend with you ... you are me like a glass of water in the desert, a wall of bread, starving man, thank you for you to exist and to know you queen :) :) :)))))))
I really did not find words, immerse yourself in my Rose Rose's beauty, kindness, words of expression is not possible. Rather go to sleep and dream about Roser.
Pleasant pastime with her conversation, smile, gesture, gaze, angel make rose personality. I no longer know about another night's program as you would here at Rose's.
I do not know how to thank you enough for me to get to know you here virtuously
(do not spend the night together so you do not write here, sorry, long text again :))))))
Louis-Cyphre : To be a true moderator.👍

Roselynax: you are the best. Every day when you're not here, boring, empty, I refresh page when you come and get to sleep before. It's always a pleasure for me to read the ze letter. Kiss and hug, an enthusiastic user 😍😍😍💟❤️❤️❣️💎💖
My Sun,
no word can describe what you give us everything.
I miss you every second I can not see your magical eyes, do not experience a warm smile.
Kisses for the lady who overtook Cleopatra.

even a wonderful night, wonderful lady company, talk, laugh, just wine drink was missing ... 💘💘💘 I like such a nice evening Rose company, thank you for this miracle good evening 💘💘💘
to be a half dead, but Rose to breathe life into me, Rose's beauty like sunrise, to break the light of the beautiful face, beautiful eyelashes, eye-catching eyes ... To be Master Harry Pooter, but in female form

(today you have to write to me here, thank you for your existence)
this evening Rose for me was exciting, beautiful, sweet, phenomenal. life's meaning for me and me. slowly I can not sleep so that I can not see him.
Thank you all for being, you, You like a drug, to live I can not know without you

(Rose is the beauty every night, but I find it novelty in the middle, thank you for being there)
I'm the most beautiful woman in my life: Roselynax
I'm the favorite kid of my life, Rosalynax
I am the most favorite of my life: Rosalynax kkkkhhhmmmm
... i want to say 4, 4 and 4 :)))))) :))))))

I had a lot of good evenings with you, but each one of them was the most beautiful, thank you

(again I have to write here)
Today is a wonderful evening, with a wonderful beautiful lady, though every night it could be so beautiful :) hand kiss :)
Спасибо за любовь ...




Спасибо Вам

Спасибо большое за теплые слова и добрые пожелания, за яркие поздравления с моим днем рождения. В ответ хочу пожелать всего того же, но вдвойне. Пусть жизнь сопровождает крепкая любовь, сильная вера и теплая надежда.

2017 г

 2018 г

Спасибо огромное за цветы! Это невероятно приятно для меня !

Thank you for your gifts! This is what I dreamed about ... it's amazing!!!

Не хватит теплых слов, чтобы отблагодарить вас за то внимание и сюрпризы, которые вы регулярно дарите мне. Спасибо вам за то, что никогда не забываете поздравить меня

I prefer long, tender uninhibited love making